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RAXy or dutifully SKI for all    
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    RAXy or dutifully SKI for all     


 RAXy obedient or skis are newly conceived skis, thanks to their technical solutions toprovide safe skiing in any terrain from groomed slopes to extreme slopes with deepsnow.

Skis for beginners, advanced and very demanding
The unique properties, these skis because the original profile with metal sleeve with 'spurs'. RAXy are perfectly manageable, and therefore safe to ride on any slope, type of snow or ice plates. RAXy - obedient skis also allow beginners and children to experience a pleasant and relaxing ride on skis. Experienced skiers bring new opportunities, and broaden the range of possible experiences. Their other advantage is that these are the skis for life. Their length suits both children and adults. You canalso conveniently transported, whether by car or other transportation.




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It is a short ride on skis RAX that foot binding continued for original metal tip, whose function is to stabilize the ride. Parameters SkiRAX¨ - their easy handling and greater stability - make them a tool for promoting safety on the slopes.

RAXing - ilustrace stability


Vertical side slats to strengthen the management terminal arch and work in moments of disruption of sagittal balance. During the raid on the Mulde, you can reach more backward, but RAX foot slide, ride and brakes slightly RAXmen with inertial motion of the body will regain the correct and stable stance.

Termination is in the backward direction so stable that you can, if steep terrain just go after these original footings.

RAX are special for its versatility :-)


Universality Ski RAX is that jumping to the meter can run both children and adults, there is no problem with length adjustable bindings per minute to prepare for the next RAXmen. All your children with them can attend school ski courses and you do not take the rental skis to everyone. And next year they move again only the tip of binding, as they grew older foot, but RAXy remain the same :-)



RAX are also versatile in terms of driving style and the type of slope. Will delight the beginner as well as a very experienced rider. Ski RAX use just depends on the interest and style of its owner. They are used both on the slopes, and in extreme terrain. Driving style dictates RAX rider.

RAXing extreme

We should not forget the fact that every short ski is generally better for the feet, so you can cool RAXing used by those who have such problems with his knees.

RAXing in heavy snow with technical RAX also easier.

Furthermore, RAX can beautifully carry in the trunk so you save for buying a roof rack.
Suitable for mature lady style :-)




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